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The Theory and Hazard Perception CD-DVD

Type: Interactive PC DVD
(with Bengali Voiceover)


Compatible with:

Windows XP -

Windows Vista -

Windows 7 -

32 and 64 bit operating system - 


Price: £ 20.00 + P&P



Essential for all learner drivers. This DVD is designed as actual theory test; so you should have no problem using the computer on the test and will help you to prepare for the multiple choice part of your theory test.


In this CD:-

all the questions and answers have professional voice over

Question and Answers are translated by qualified Driving instructor

258 clips been used for Hazard Perception meaning you will have many sessions of practice and mock tests


With this DVD:-

You have the choice of practicing by chapter

see the correct answers when practicing

take random mock tests

choose the number of questions you want to test on

choose the mock test duration

see the result of your practice or mock test

see the all the correct and incorrect answer(s)


With this DVD on The Hazard Perception part:-

You have the choice of practicing clip by clip

Take as many mock test as you want

See where you have clicked and what score you gained

See where the highest score was

Choose the number of clip to appear on mock test



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